With so many people furloughed or just not at work at the moment there has never been a better opportunity to either brush up on existing skills or learn something new.

Lots of websites are offering free or greatly reduced courses so here are just a few.


Courseraabout.coursera.org/A site full of courses from around the world on a massive list of subjects.
UdemyUdemy.comAnother site full of various courses. Use the search facility to find free courses
Linked InLinkedin.comA wealth of courses; one month free, and then you can cancel without penalty
AimTheaimgroup.co.ukVarious short business and soft skills courses
OxfordOxfordhomestudy.comA wealth of short courses – including event planning!
Cventcvent.com/en/cvent-certification One of the world’s largest providers of event support services – learn and get a certificate for free
Open UniversityOpen.eduOver 1000 free courses available, from 1-100 hours of learning
Shaw AcademyShawacademy.comA wealth of online courses
Future LearnFuturelearn.comShort courses, but some up to 10 weeks long: 14 day free trial
Vision2learnVision2learn.netA broad range of free qualifications. Every course is nationally accredited
Imployable(Download app)Free business courses, via the app
Virtual Collegewww.virtual-college.co.ukA number of free certified courses