How we give back … to the event industry, to the planet, and to develop future leaders.

To go beyond carbon neutral, Realise partners with One Tree Planted to reforest, capture CO2, and strengthen community locally and around the world. 100 more trees each month make a vital difference..

CEO David Preston is on the Elevate Advisory Board. He and Richard John are mentors. Elevate is a free six-month programme providing mentoring and building community within the events industry. Now in its 7th year, the programme has worked with over 1200 people.

Life in this industry is dynamic. Finding time for a social life can be hard. And
that led to creating – a dating web-site for event professionals!

With the Events Apprenticeships Advisory Board, we are instrumental in developing a suite of UK government-approved, nationally recognised apprenticeships which embrace the diversity of the events sector.

Most start-ups flounder or fail. By bringing new business owners together with those who really know their stuff, we ditch the “anyone can” fluff and address the reality head-on in highly interactive sessions.