Here I am, sitting in a hospice, holding hands with a very sick old lady. This sort of experience makes you contemplate what is really important to us in our ever busy lives. Is it how far up the ladder we have risen, how big a house we have bought or how many cars you have sitting on the drive? Not really. It is what we have achieved in our lives that is the important thing and again, achievement is not necessarily measured with material gains.

As a young lad, I started life as an apprentice, building aeroplanes at what was British Aerospace. At weekends I worked at a Formula 2 racing team factory, utilising my skill and following my passion/hobby for motorsport. My father once said to me… “be careful when combining your hobby with your profession… as you may find you become a slave to your hobby and lose the passion for both”. Wise words.

So, where am I going with this? We all need to have passion for what we do and it is one of the biggest differentiators when I look at candidates for roles as #eventapprentices. It not about how much money will I be paid but what skills can I learn, what experiences can I get and how will I add my personality to the work we do in organising events? Just because you like organising parties for your friends doesn’t mean a career in events is right for you. If you love the thrill of helping others create the most amazing experience for an audience… if the excitement of a live show drives you to excel, if the pressure of getting 1000 people coordinated and sat ready because the doors open at 9am is what drives you to keep going even though you’ve only have 4 hrs sleep then perhaps a career in events is right for you.


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