Everyday, we are fortunate here at REALISE to be contacted by many enthusiastic young people looking for their first step into the world of events #eventprofs #eventapprenticeships. Unfortunately we get many contacts that look like this!

Would like more information
Phone Number:

We also get a number of people using personal email addresses that are not appropriate when you take that first step into the world of work…. like


partylad@gmail.com – you get my drift?

Therefore this initial contact is an interesting approach to a potential employer if you ask me… also, some advice would also be to get a better email address.

Entering the world of work is a serious matter and having  an email address like these is not very professional.  It doesn’t take much to set up a new email and using your name is the best approach.

Lastly for today… when you send a CV to an employer, follow some simple rules for how to create the file name…. CV2017 doesn’t tell me who the CV belongs to when I have to store it for future reference. Again, use your name JamesSmithCV2017 says it all in one go.

I hope this has been of some help?

thanks, the team at REALISE