Grievance procedure

Last reviewed 25/6/2018

It is important that if you feel dissatisfied with any matter relating to your work you should have an immediate means by which such a grievance can be aired and resolved.

Nothing in this procedure is intended to prevent you from informally raising any matter you may wish to mention. Informal discussion can frequently solve problems without the need for a written record but if you wish you grievance to be formally recorded and investigated, please make this clear at the outset.

If you feel aggrieved at any matter relating to your work (except personal harassment, for which there is a separate procedure following this section), you should:-

  1. first raise the matter with your line manager either verbally or in writing
  • Field Assessor to Internal Verifier
  • Internal Verifier to Operations Manager
  • Operations Manager to Director
  • Administrators to Line Manager
  1. Explain fully the nature and extent of your grievance. If you wish, a fellow employee can be present with you to help you to explain the situation more clearly.
  2. If the problem has not been resolved within ten working days you should bring the matter to the attention of the next level of management. This is the final stage of the grievance procedure.