Wellness in the Event Industry

Even more than ever, looking after the wellness of your employees, permanent and freelance, is even more important.


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Realise has teamed up with innovative employee wellbeing startup, Juno to work specifically with the event industry

Juno’s on-demand platform lets you take full control of your wellbeing at work by connecting you to a huge range of experiences, all from brands you love.


Juno is a workplace wellbeing programme that you control. The on-demand service and dedicated concierge team give you the choices and flexibility you need to bring more balance, to your employees.


The Idea

An on-demand marketplace for wellbeing services

The Costs

Predictable, efficiently distributed

The benefits

Happy employees increase revenue and retention

Making employee wellbeing part of your overall talent management process

Give your teams freedom and choice. The simple well-being subscription gives your businesses a way to create a flexible, inclusive, comprehensive, engaging and cost-effective well-being programme to suit agencies big and small. See more details below.

Also, the is no better time to have your employees improve their skills. Check out the list of free training we have compiled

The story so far

Juno was born out of the personal stories and those of  their community. The products help employees work more joyfully and productively, solving problems creatively and enabling collaboration with a shared purpose. When people have the power to experience wellbeing the way they want, with the tools they love, they can do their best work and change the future of their business.

times cheaper than existing wellbeing programmes


Increase in retention


increase in reported morale

Not just belly breaths and lunges

A workplace wellbeing programme that you control. The on-demand service and dedicated concierge team give you all the choice and flexibility you need to bring more balance in your life, powered by some of the best brands in the world.

100s of Satisfied Customers

“Juno is a revelation for us. We used to spend a lot of time and money on activities that weren’t being used by our staff. Juno’s helped us keep our staff productive and engaged and it’s saved us a ton of money and time. We were eager to show we were a caring company and now we’re closer than ever to that mission.”

Jamie Ray Co-Founder, Buttermilk

“It is paramount for businesses to invest in and take care of their employees, Juno is helping Koto do just this.  Great friendly service that makes everyone feel important.”

Caroline Matthews Co-Founder and MD, Koto


How much does it cost?

Personalised costings are available, so please get in touch at contact@realise.me.uk for a customised pricing plan.

Juno in the media


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Juno in the news

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