Sell up and move on!

You have created an agency, of which you are justifiably proud; but is it now time for you to plan the next step?

Know more

Realise has teamed up with a leading marketing agency group, to enable you to think about an exit strategy.

With multiple decades of experience in the event industry, both client and agency side, we know what it is like to run an agency in the fast paced world of live events.

So there is a two pronged approach here.

Firstly, there is the option to become part of a larger group with additional skills and expertise to ensure you can deliver more comprehensive campaigns.

Secondly, we can help you map your exit plan whilst leaving a legacy.

Thirdly, you may already have a plan for what’s next and just need the right incentive to sell your business….


The Idea

Integrate your agency into a group – build more comprehensive campaigns

The Opportunity

Realise the capital you have built up in the business

The benefits

Plan and manage you transition out of the business if that is what you want.

Time to plan your future


At Realise, like you, we love the meeting and events industry; the highs and lows, challenges and rewards. If you want to stay in it, and maybe take on new roles, we can help.

However, you may also be hungry for new adventures and opportunities; the chance to try your hand at something new, or to share your wisdom, perhaps as a mentor, or as a non-executive director?

Or maybe you just feel that a change is as good as a rest, and you want time to travel and explore, develop new hobbies and interests.

Click on the link below, and discuss how we can help you free up some cash, and let you move on to something new.

So what is the next step?


Like all businesses, there are some tests of the health and stability that need to be explored. This would include:

  • Revenue track record (pre Covid-19)
  • Client retention
  • Number of full-time employee