Focus on what you do best

The fancy phrase in business is ‘core competencies’, in other words, the things that you do best are the things that you should focus on.

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Realise has teamed up with leading business services agency, to bring you a unique service.

Many organisations across the meetings and events space will have been started by just one or two people; you may have been –  or worked with – one of those.

At the start of the journey the long hours seem worth it; the client says ‘jump,’ and you ask, ‘how high?’ It’s that commitment that gets you going, and growing.

However, there’s a point where you need to step back, and take a strategic view. That means handing over some of the day to day operations to the talent you’ve brought on and grown. It can be hard; but go on, you deserve it.



The Idea

Focus on your customers and allow someone else to focus on the infrastructure

The Costs

Much less than you think

The benefits

Happier clients because you’re dedicated to them and by the way you make huge savings in time and money

Time to rethink?

Despite us being a Global company running numerous projects @Realise, we have outsourced our web design and marketing services, our accountancy services, our HR support/recruitment services and our IT is all in the cloud. With no offices, work is what we do not where we are!

And this could be you! @Realise we work with one of the leading business services agencies in Europe. They understand our business – because it’s where they’ve come from. They know that the real joy for us is winning and delivering great business, not ordering photocopiers and paying invoices.  Any time we spend on managing back office functions is time not spent serving clients and growing the business.


Click on the link below, and we can help you free up a wealth of cash, and let you get back to doing what you love.


Cheaper than existing processes


Increase in response times


Increased team satisfaction

Not just spreadsheets


All roles are vital for any business; but is that what you imagined you would be building when you first started, all those sleepless nights ago?  Do you know what proportion of your agency’s total costs are spent on back office functions? Well, research from PWC suggests the savings potential from outsourcing back office functions ranges from 25% to 50%. These include:

  • Finance 30%-50%
  • HR 30-50%
  • IT 25%-40%

What would that mean in cold hard cash to your agency? If your back office costs you £100,000/year and you’re working on a 10% profit margin, you need to win £1,000,000 of client revenue to pay for it! What if you could put half of that to the bottom line?

Check out the partnership you could be taking advantage of:

Office, Team and much more

Microsoft Partner

Cloud based accounting software for those on the move

Xero Accounting software

HR practices and tools for all businesses



How much does it cost? Now that’s like “how long is a piece of string!?” 

Seriously though, every client engagement is different and therefore we work with you to ensure we have identified all the possible areas of service.