Investing in people and ideas within the event industry

Every idea needs nurturing, to prevent it withering and dying. At Realise we are always keen to invest in great ideas – and the people who create them. Investment can take the form of advice, professional support, a connection to other parties, or even cash or ‘goods in kind.’


Origin All Thinking

Challenge: what happens when you have a great idea for a bespoke service for conference organisers, but need more than just money to make it happen?  That was the issue facing Claudia Cavariani as she developed her innovative Origin Alls platform to link business travellers and organisers with selected local artisans.

Solution: the Realise team swiftly saw the opportunity and stepped in to provide the necessary support. From providing ‘sweat equity’ to get the website built and operational, to joining the management board to drive the business forward and facilitate key introductions, Realise delivered.


Is it Just Money?

Challenge: Realise’s position in the global MICE space means we are frequently approached to help new ideas (and our innovation prizes accelerate those approaches.) But how do we help companies successfully launch onto the market, and achieve the essential profitable sales?

Solution: we work with a team of experts – including the Founders & Mentors Network – to make sure that the business is ready. That means helping with ideas creation, product development, and generating the all-important feedback from potential clients. We also offer the all important ‘sweat equity,’ providing services in exchange for a share of future success.


Moving Up or Out?

Challenge: many owners of small businesses in the events sector were facing the ‘what next?’ question, exacerbated by the global pandemic. Should they structure for growth or retrenching, look to acquire or merge, or simply hang up their gloves? Who could help with necessary investment?

Solution: Realise went to market with a high profile PR campaign offering various options. We would facilitate merging with one of our clients, a larger marketing services group, who could provide the support needed. We could also help with a range of consulting services that would enable owners and directors to map out a clear, structured exit strategy. And, at the same time we could offer a variety of equity options. Our goal is to make their dreams a reality.