Inspiring professionals around the world

As part of our commitment to the events industry, we take every opportunity to help develop the skills and talents of others, whether that’s on an individual or organisational level. From delivering the first event apprenticeship programme to inspiring professionals around the world, Realise delivers.


Event Apprenticeship Programme

Challenge: how do we get bright new talent into the events industry whilst avoiding the onerous costs of a specialist degree?

Solution: A dedicated apprenticeship in event management that lets people ‘earn while they learn.’
As pioneers of the event apprenticeship programme, we’ve delivered more successful event apprenticeships across England than all the other providers combined, and with the best results. Maybe it’s because it’s the only apprenticeship we deliver. Perhaps it’s because all our Coaches are also highly experienced event professionals. But if you’re serious about bringing on new talent to deliver even better events for your organisation or clients click here to find out more. Or just give us a call.


Bringing on the Best

Challenge: what happens when a large swathe of a sector feels ‘stuck,’ unsure where to go and grow next. This is the challenge facing the MICE sector, with hundreds of middle and senior level staff struggling to decide ‘what’s next.’

Solution: Realise instigate and support movements throughout the industry to help people develop. We are partnered with Elevate, the main industry mentoring programme, but also support Event Well and other industry initiatives designed to provide physical and mental well-being.


Stand and deliver

Challenge: Organisers know that it’s the Speakers who are key to attracting visitors to conferences and events. The issue is finding something new to talk about. How do you avoid the ‘same old, same old’ topics being presented?

Solution: The team at Realise are inevitably invited to the major conferences around the world. From IMEX to IBTM, Confex to Event Tech Live, we’re there educating and entertaining the crowds. Our secret? A combination of cutting-edge research, some challenging of the status quo, delivery of practical solutions, all wrapped up in a high quality presentation sprinkled with a dash of humour.


Speaking and Presenting

It’s harder to find an industry event where Realise aren’t speaking! From behemoths such as Confex, IMEX and IBTM, to specialist shows such as Event Tech and CHS, as well at all major association conferences, you’ll find Realise sharing their wisdom and experience with an always-delighted crowd. We also coach others and provide executive rehearsal programmes to ensure your event is the best it can be.