At Realise we’ve taken a number of steps to adjust our business to the constantly evolving global environment.

We have 30 event apprentices on our programme at present, most of whom have never lived through this kind of crisis, so we are using WhatsApp individually and in groups to keep in touch. Most have been sent home, so we are encouraging them to use the time to use the Learning Management System (stuffed full of podcasts and video clips) and use Mash TV and event planner to watch content and learn more about their industry.

We are also encouraging them to think about new events that could be launched – recessions give birth to great events!

From a teaching point of view we will be using Zoom and Skype as platforms, as well as Glisser to share content to keep them involved. We also have our own social media channels to share wisdom.

Realise also has a suite of programmes for the meetings and events industry, and we are offering these at a heavily discounted price online ( It’s not the same as being there, but we are carrying on with the starling ‘Business as (Un) Usual.

And here’s a link to a piece about how to use the isolation time constructively (