The Team @Realise live and breath on the premise that the more you develop your staff the better your business will be. Here are a few updates from the team.

Event Apprentice Success

Realise were pioneers in designing and developing the new events assistant apprenticeship. After 18 months we are delighted to announce that the first four candidates have now successfully completed the programme. A further dozen are approaching their final assessment.
So, if you want to develop new talent in your business, and utilise the high levels of government support, drop us a line.

Workshops Galore

Realise specialise in designing and delivering interventions that reach across the Meetings and Events space. You can check out our Ready to Go’ workshops by clicking here. And if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, get in touch. We’re always happy to discuss designing bespoke programmes to suit your precise needs.

Leadership Academy

What do you do when your business has grown so fast managers are struggling to keep up with everything that’s going on? That was the issue facing one of the largest brands in the events space. We were delighted to be heavily involved in designing and delivering much of their eight-module ‘Leadership Academy around the world. The results were so positive we’re now embarking on a second year of creating new leaders.
What could we be doing for your organisation? Contact us to see.