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The Apprenticeship Programme

If you have ever wondered how you get started in the world of events and live communication then we have the answer. At REALISE we have been working with a cross section of the events industry to create the UK’s first Event Management, Event Assistant Apprenticeship.

What is an apprenticeship and why would it suit me?
An apprenticeship is an opportunity to REALISE your GROWTH, AMBITION and POTENTIAL by combining on the job experience and training with a structured learning programme, developed and delivered by event professionals. This apprenticeship gives you a real job, the support you need to be successful and the real opportunity to take your first step in this exciting and ever changing world of events and live communications.
As an employer, REALISE help you discover the talent you need and guide you through the journey that enable an apprentice to achieve their GROWTH, meet their AMBITION and thus fulfil their POTENTIAL.

Career advice and coaching

We offer event industry focused career advice to people wanting to get into and develop a career in the Events and Live Communications industry. This includes workshops and business start-up advice, plus one-2-one coaching sessions.

Career development Training

We provide professional and vocational qualifications to individuals, together with training needs analysis and solutions to businesses wanting to upskill their workforce.

We have developed, with the help of Professors from the world of Academia, curriculum that help you and your teams Grow in their current roles and enable a real career path for employees to follow.

Our core values


If you are a person, young or old, looking to get on that first run of the ladder within the events and live communication industry, we can help you REALISE that growth with an Apprenticeship that is right for you. We specialise in the world of events and live communications and we work with employers large and small, across the UK.

If you are an employer looking to fill an apprenticeship role and therefore build your team with the skills you need for the future, contact us and we will hep you REALISE the opportunity and guide you through the end-to-end process, from recruitment, assessment, employment, training and completion.


Many people dream of their ideal role but are unsure of how to REALISE this ambition. We are here to help. Whether it is career advice, course and qualification selection to mentoring and ‘where do I go next?’ we have the expertise to give you the advice and help you are looking for.

If you are an employer designing your talent management system for your ever growing organisation, we know how difficult it can be to navigate the multitude of training and development options available. We only deal with the events industry and therefore concentrate on the skills and knowledge required to REALISE this success.


Every person has real potential inside them, it just needs releasing so they can REALISE that potential. Often that is finding the right balance of on the job training in a stimulating and exciting environment to the classroom learning required to gain the skills necessary. We can release this potential with the Even Management Event Assistance apprenticeship

Every company, large or small, needs to develop its talent for the future, so it can REALISE its full potential. Starting with an Event Assistant apprentice is a major step on that journey. Whether you have managed an apprentice or not before we will provide you with the support you need to be successful

The Apprenticeship Levy

The Apprenticeship Levy is the mechanism that the Government will deploy from May 2017 to pay for the training element of an Apprenticeship. All employers with an annual payroll of £3 million or over will have to pay via PAYE into a digital wallet and then utilise these funds to offer training to their staff and pay to an approved training provider. Those with a payroll of under £3 million will not have to do this but can still get funding help from the Government to pay the training provider.

Employers will not pay the first £15,000 of the Levy, which effetely means that the Levy will only be payable on payrolls in excess of £3million per year.. see examples below:

How It Works:


250 UK based employees

Employer of 250 UK based employees, each with a gross salary of £20,000
Wage bill: 250 x £20,000 – £5,000,000
Levy Sum: 0.5% x £5,000,000 = £25,000
Allowance: £25,000 – £15,000 = £10,000 annual Levy Payment


150 UK based employees

Employer of 150 UK based employees, each with a gross salary of £20,000
Wage bill: 150 x £20,000 – £3,000,000
Levy Sum: 0.5% x £3,000,000 = £15,000
Allowance: £15,000 – £15,000 = £0 annual Levy Payment


100 UK Based employees

Employer of 100 UK Based employees, each with a gross salary of £20,000
Wage bill: 100 x £20,000 – £2,000,000
Levy Sum: 0.5% x £2,000,000 = £10,000
Allowance: £10,000 – £15,000 = £0 annual Levy Payment

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